Kids Karate Classes UES : Stuff you must have for the training?
Kids Karate Classes UES



Kids Karate Classes UES : Karate City Parent’s Insights


Kids Karate Classes UES :  In order for your child to train safely, there are a number of things they will need for karate lessons. These items are specifically for the sport, therefore allowing for freedom of movement and safety in class. At Karate City we take pride in providing the best training possible, the equipment is an essential part of this.


What does my child need for karate class?


The training in karate involves various moves and we practice these during lessons. The uniform, or Gi, worn in karate allows the limbs to move freely. The design ensures that the moves are easy to do without tripping or catching the clothing. The uniform is also a visual cue for your child to get ready for class. It promotes the right mindset and consequently helps them to focus. A karate Gi consists of:


  • Gi jacket

  • Gi pants

  • Training belt


The color of the belt indicates the level of skill and knowledge a person has in karate. If your child goes into competitions, they will wear a blue or red belt. These colors determine the sides in a competition and make it easier for officials.


Does my child need to have protective equipment for karate class?


In the classes at Karate City, we use both foot protectors and gloves. The safety wear we use is the WKF current design. The focus on these items is to allow the wearer to carry out the movements safely. This subsequently provides a lower risk of injury.


At the time foot protectors became a necessary component of karate, many fighters chose to leave the sport. They were not comfortable in the foot protectors and this made it difficult to adapt.


We teach all of our students to wear these protective items during each class. Even those that are not yet old enough to spar will wear them. By forming the habit of always wearing foot protectors and gloves, your child will be comfortable. 


Practicing moves while wearing them will feel natural. The protective gear helps to reduce the risk of injury to your child during practice. Therefore, this makes karate a safe choice for everyone. Kids Karate Classes UES.