Kids Karate Classes NYC: How fast should the children (kids) start sparring?



Kids Karate Classes NYC: Questions and answers at Karate City


Kids Karate Classes NYC :  Safety is always on your mind as a parent, and hence, you may feel a little cautious about sparring. To ensure sparring is safe, we don’t let your kids jump in on day one. So, how fast should children start sparring?


Typically, when you enroll your child at Karate City, it will be at least two years before your child spars. Your children need this amount of time to perfect the fundamentals of karate. The typical journey that your child takes includes:


  • Learning to warm-up – This helps the body prepare for physical exercise and also includes stretching
  • Learning techniques – This helps your child develop balance, and strength, as well as agility
  • Basic defense – This appears in the early agenda
  • Set pieces – This is a compounding style of training undertaken with a partner
  • Freestyle sparring – After two years of training


The benefits of karate sparring for children


When your child is learning how to spar, they are also learning self-control, as well as self-discipline. Your child will also learn about:



  • Improvisation
  • Sportsmanship
  • Overcoming fears
  • Anger control
  • Dealing with stress and pressure
  • Remaining calm and composed



Sparring is one aspect of karate where your child is learning many valuable lessons. Kids Karate Classes NYC