Kids Karate Classes Midtown West: Medical Contraindications to Karate
Kids Karate Classes Midtown West



Kids Karate classes Midtown West: Karate City Parent’s Insights


Kids Karate classes Midtown West: Children with no indication of possible general medical contraindications to sports activities are allowed to take karate classes. We strongly recommend that you are fully aware of the physical and mental health of your children before bringing them to the karate center.


Contraindications are the following pathologies:


1. Heart problems: Classes demand health and endurance of the cardiac muscle. Although you may consider the issue to be a minor deviation or heart condition. It could be made worse. This could potentially cause serious harm during training.
2. Blood pressure oscillations: Hypertension and hypotension
3. Chronic respiratory diseases: Any respiratory issues can be a potential problem and may lead to a child having difficulties with breathing during training.
4. Disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
5. Mental disorders (epilepsy, developmental delay and etc.) Certain issues, developmental delays or some mental disorders may cause further disruption of the emotional stability of a child.
6. Vision disorders (aggravated myopia, optic nerve pathologies). Karate has a lot of quick movements. Jumps and turns that may cause worsening of a vision disorder.


Karate City warns you that some congenital issues and other diseases may be an insurmountable obstacle to karate. Kids Karate classes Midtown West