Kids Karate Classes Manhattan: What to do when my child doesn’t listen?
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Kids Karate Classes Manhattan :  Youth karate improves your child’s concentration and sets out a framework of good behavior. However, your child may not always listen, be this at home, when out, or when at the karate dojo. So, what should you do when your child doesn’t listen?


The first thing that you can do is to remind your child of the rules of the environment. If your children misbehave in a specific place, then remind them of the rules of that place. This means that when your child misbehaves at home, you can remind your child of the home rules.


Your youngster may still not listen after reminding them of the rules of good behavior. If this occurs, then you should tell your child about the consequences of breaking your rules.


Why consistency is vital


It is imperative that you are consistent with your approach to your child, not listening. You need to be strong and consist, or else your children may learn that they can manipulate the situation.


Karate City recommends that you begin with a verbal warning before applying consequences. In karate class, there is no corporal punishment. Instead, your kid performs squats as a consequence of misbehaving. Squats activate your child’s brain, with the activity pumping more blood to the brain.


If your youngster still doesn’t listen after a verbal warning, you need to apply the consequences. It is good training to give your child 10 to 20 squats if they misbehave. You should always give your children a choice and close all the other doors. This means that you must provide only two options; to listen or to perform the squats.


If your child does not listen:


  1. Remind your child of the rules
  2. Give a verbal warning
  3. Follow through with the consequences


Youth karate helps your children behave, and you can contribute by following these rules at home. Kids Karate Classes Manhattan