Kids After School Program Manhattan : Running Warm-Up Techniques
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Kids After School Program Manhattan: Running is an integral part of the general training of students of Karate City center. This article draws your attention to the features of the two main techniques of running:


  1. Heel strike running – This technique is the most appropriate for warming up you or your child. Due to your natural ergonomics, your feet hit the ground with the back of your feet. This motion pushes your body forward. Everything that you should do is choosing the correct body position, as well as not hitting the ground too quickly.


  1. Forefoot running – Speaking about this technique, you should remember that it demands more effort than the prior technique. This style of running targets your calf muscles and for that reason, requires some preparations.


The karate masters at our center carefully choose the technique of running for your child individually. This is because we aim for your child to do pleasurable yet beneficial exercises. Kids After School Program Manhattan