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Karate UWS : It has been already two decades since Rafael Aghayev has beaten Alexander Biamonti. That’s when he has gotten a title of a World Champion for the first time. Rafael has been dominating his weight category since. But it’s not only the winning 5 World Championship titles, but it’s also his consistency. Not many athletes can manage to stay healthy because of the demand of physical pressure on the body. Rafael has a gift, Rafael can make magic on tatami and in the dojo. This is absolutely obvious, just watch a couple of his videos on YouTube.

Also, Rafael and his team are lucky to have such a well put together National organization. Their team of staff and managing department helping the athletes to achieve their maximum performance by managing everything. The nutrition, the schedule of training and trips organization requires tons of attention and work. The National Organization is doing a fantastic job because that’s how you build the strongest team in the World.
Rafael is an extraordinary, dedicated and super hard-working role model for future generations. Because of his achievements and perseverance, the sport of Karate has changed the course of its evolution several times. Remember when Aghayev has won by taking down everyone by grabbing both legs? Boom! You are down, no mercy. Rafa is holding another gold medal in his hand. That’s how you make a revolution in what you do. That’s how you change the history!
Besides his extra ordinary athletic career Rafael is successful in his seminars which he gives all over the world in order to promote heathy life style and engagement of youth in the sport of karate. Karate UWS