Karate Upper West Side: How to motivate kids not to quit karate classes?
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Karate Upper West Side : Karate City karate lessons are a fundamental way to help your child grow and develop. Karate is so beneficial that you will want to know how to motivate children not to quit taking karate lessons.


The first tact that you can take is to remind your child why they started taking karate lessons. It might be that your child enjoys keeping fit, socializing with other students, as well as building their confidence.


Your child might like challenging themselves and already have an understanding of the principle of achieving goals. The process of your child learning and training always includes obstacles for your child to overcome. However, it is not an obstacle that is crucial. It is the process of becoming stronger and smarter, to overcome them.


“It is not about the obstacles, it is about becoming smarter and stronger to overcome them.” – Igor Dyachenko


What to say and what not to say


Psychological research shows that there are things that you can say to help prevent your children quitting karate. Prior to karate lessons, tell your children to “have fun”, “do your best”, and “I love you”. After karate lessons, ask your children “did you have fun?” and tell them “I am proud of you”, as well as “I love you”.


A three-decade-long survey by expert coaches at Proactive Coaching LLC highlights another golden phrase. So, remember to use the phrase “I love to watch you practice” when you chat with your kids.


As your child grows and develops they learn more about long-term commitments. However, if you have a young child or toddler, their sole focus is on now and not the future. It is vital that you don’t let your child quit karate lessons when they mention this for the first time. Allowing your child to quit now teaches them that it’s okay to give up on things they commit to.


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The lessons your child learns now will stay with them for the rest of their life. Remember, be positive, praise, and reward your child for continuing their karate classes.


When your child takes regular karate lessons they build self-esteem as well as confidence. Karate Upper West Side