Karate Upper West Side: What Is Proprioceptive System ? (Part 1)
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Karate Upper West Side : The proprioceptive system is a system for controlling muscles and joints. Receptors of this system are located deep in our muscles and near our joints and transmit information to the brain about the position of your body parts. In other words, our brain is like a working mother who perceives our whole body as her child, and it is imperative for her to know where her child is at any moment.


The brain needs to know what its arms, legs, body, head, knees, feet, and shoulders are doing right at this moment. And for parents whose children are hyperactive, who cannot sit still, who are in constant need to receive some kind of contact (hugging, pushing, colliding), this suggests that the proprioceptive system works poorly and does not transmit signals well, and the brain needs to know.


If the receptors work well and the brain “knows” everything about its body parts, then it is capable of perceiving other information, such as educational information, or controlling behavior. And if the brain does not receive those signals well, then it will search for them through movement. The brain will force the child to move constantly so that the receptors convey the location of the body. As soon as the proprioceptive system works well and no movement is required so that the brain knows where its body is, the child wills be able to sit quietly in one place. Karate Upper West Side