Karate Upper East Side : Why fewer activities are better for children?
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Karate Upper East Side : Activities are an excellent way for your child to make new friends and grow as an individual. However, too many activities can actually have a negative impact. Here we explore why fewer activities are better for children.


How much is too much?


Nowadays, there tends to be an attitude that every child must be involved in as many activities as possible. The idea that schools and universities require it, drives this thought. Sports are an excellent thing for any child, but too much can be detrimental. Having so many activities can lead your child to spread themselves too thin. Keeping children overly busy is a common tendency. It may seem like a great idea, but it can give them less of a foundation to build on.


A variety of activities is beneficial but if you choose too many sports for your child, it can lead to overtraining. When you overtrain, it can cause enzymes in the liver to reduce. Keeping fit and active is ideal, but too much can have the opposite effect on health.


An overactive lifestyle packed with too many sports activities can lead to drops in energy. Your child may find it hard to bounce back from this energy drop and lose motivation altogether.


What is the right amount of activities?


Giving your child a life with different activities is good, but sports activities are demanding. Due to this, we wouldn’t recommend doing more than two sports. Too much physical activity can make your child overtired and less focused. An overtired child will lose interest and therefore, not want to achieve their goals.


As with anything in life, it’s all about finding a balance. Sports are an excellent choice, but physically demanding activities should be limited. Your child’s after school clubs and activities should include:


  • Sports – no more than 2

  • Creative activities, such as singing or drawing


Practicing lots of different sports can lead to less focus on each thing. A child doing too many sports will not be able to put maximum effort into everything. This approach will lead to a child becoming overtrained and consequently, less focused on the goals they want to achieve. Karate Upper East Side.