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Karate UES: Karate City Parent’s Insights


Karate UES : When your child does karate training, they will need to wear a Gi, the karate uniform. Over the years, the design of the Gi has evolved. The current uniform has a design that allows for freedom of movement. Your child should learn how to put together the Gi as a first step on their Karate journey.

You should wash and press the Gi ready for each training session. This is for both aesthetic and hygiene reasons. Each training session is a celebration of your child’s skill and achievements. A clean, pressed uniform will help children to focus and consequently aim for perfection in every part of their training.


Putting on the karate Gi


A Gi consists of a pair of pants, a jacket, and a belt. Here are the steps to put the Gi together:

  • Put on pants – these will usually be a simple design with an elasticated waist
  • Put on the top of the Gi as you would put on a jacket
  • Place the right side of the Gi top towards your left side first
  • Tie the strings on the left-hand side 
  • Fold the left side of the Gi top to the right side
  • Tie the strings on the right-hand side

When the Gi top and pants are on the left-hand flap of the Gi, the jacket should be on the outside. Now it is time to tie the belt:


  • Hold the belt in the middle
  • Wrap the belt around you with the middle of the belt sitting below the navel
  • Cross the belt at the back
  • Cross the belt at the front
  • Pull one end down, and the other end goes up under the belt to create a knot

Training in anything other than the karate Gi will be less effective. The design has evolved due to the movements of the martial art. The ancient traditions and discipline of karate require uniformity, therefore, all students wearing the Gi forms part of this.

This set ritual for putting on the Gi is a way of getting your child ready for a karate lesson. Bringing focus and attention to every detail will bring forward the right mindset for practice. Karate UES.