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Karate School :  Board breaking is undoubtedly an impressive spectacle, and there is a practical reason behind this. Here we take a look at how to break boards in karate and why karateka does this.


First of all, breaking boards teach you or your children how to focus on a specific point. This is in addition to learning how to deliver a powerful blow. Breaking boards is more about technique than power. It will help you or your kids increase the strength and durability of their bones, muscles, and skin.


In response to board breaking, your bone density increases, muscles become stronger, and skin becomes more durable.


The technique behind breaking boards in karate


Beginners start gradually and build up the number of boards that they can break. You will learn to break boards using your punches, kicks, and elbows. You will build your speed, accuracy, and power.


To break a board, you should:


  • Focus on a spot that is past the board

  • Punch or kick through the board


The continuation of the strike through the board is crucial. If you slow down or stop your strike at the point of the board, then the board may not break. You might also hurt your hand.


Let’s recap the reasons why you learn to break boards in karate:


  • Improve your striking accuracy and precision

  • Build the power of your strikes

  • Build up your confidence

  • Toughen up your feet and hands

  • Perfect your striking technique

  • And, last but not least, It’s fun


Learning how to break boards in karate is one small part of your karate training. In the words of Bruce Lee, “Boards don’t kick back”. This highlights that while there is an advantage to learning this skill, there is plenty more to learn.


Igor Dyachenko is the perfect teacher of board breaking techniques. He is well-known for his appearance on the Stephen Cobert Report. In his appearance, he demonstrates breaking boards and watermelon, a segment that gets 20x more views than any other. Karate School