Karate school UWS: How much do you charge for tests and promotions?
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Karate school UWS : Children find martial arts hugely beneficial. Your child will enjoy the lessons and receive promotions as they pass tests. The charges for the tests and promotions form part of the tuition and program fees. There will be no additional payment for tests.

Your child will make progress at their own pace, with ample encouragement and direction. Students enjoy taking part in a method of karate that uses a professionally designed athletic program.


World-class instruction


Our world-class karate instructors give individual tips and suggestions to each child. Training lessons and programs vary in price and length. The number of classes between tests and promotions differs.

Children with a greater commitment to learning karate will attend more lessons. Here the lesson rate is less. No matter how long your child takes to progress, there is no charge for karate tests and promotions.

Our martial arts training encourages your child to be healthy, confident, and successful. Karate school UWS