Karate School UES : How do the belt colors and ranks work?
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Karate School UES :  The belt is a visual cue showing the level of skill and consequently growth, that your child has in karate. The belt ranking system is as follows:


  • White
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black


There are 10 master levels in the black belt.


What happens in a karate belt test?


To move to the next belt color, your child will complete a belt test. This test will show they have the skill level in order to move up to the next belt. The requirements for each test will be an ongoing practice during training.


Karate City uses the sport karate technique of testing which, we believe, is the method of the future. We use this technique as it focuses on the developmental aspect of skills, therefore suiting the individual.


As your child works through the belt ranks they will learn and subsequently adopt the philosophy of Karate City. We use the same methods that have been the catalyst for elite athletes.


Your child can achieve the strength and focus of a top athlete. We guide them on how to live this philosophy. The skills they learn, become useful in accomplishing their goals in every aspect of their lives. Karate School UES.