Karate School UES : How to treat classmates in karate class ?
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Karate School UES : As your child attends classes at Karate City, they will learn the rules of etiquette in the dojo. Rules of respect apply not only to the instructors but to the other students participating in class. Regular attendance in kid’s karate classes will help each student adopt these rules naturally.


Student interactions in the dojo


A key focus in karate lessons is not merely to learn moves but to adopt respectfulness and mindfulness. During practice, students will apply focus and concentrate on the lessons. Etiquette in the dojo is vital for many reasons. Dojo etiquette will teach your child:


  • The correct way to behave in the dojo

  • Respectfulness

  • Courtesy to both instructors and students

  • Self-discipline

  • To become mindful


When students enter the dojo they will bow, they also do this before stepping onto the mat. The bow is not a simple gesture but a sign of respect and gratitude. It helps to bring forth the mindset for training and therefore promotes focus.


When interacting with each other in class, students also apply the etiquette rules. Children will be respectful and quiet when receiving instruction. There is no horseplay or rowdiness when in class, each child will bring attention and focus to the practice. 


Each child is an individual and as such, will have different strengths and weaknesses. Students do not degrade or make fun of someone in class. Bullying is not acceptable inside or outside of the dojo. Every child knows that they follow their own path and consequently not to compare themselves to others.


Students with more experience learn that they should help those with less training. New students to the group will look to those with more karate training for guidance.


Dojo rules


Attendance in class will naturally help your child to become familiar with the rules of the dojo. As they see how other students behave, they will consequently begin to act this way too. While the rules of etiquette are essential, we also encourage students to ask questions. A thirst for learning and an encouraging environment will help each child thrive in their karate journey.


Igor Dyachenko has become familiar with the rules and practices of karate over many years. He understands the importance of the traditional philosophies of the sport but also uses modern teaching methods. Each child that comes to class will learn how to interact with both the instructors and each other. Karate School UES