Karate School NYC : Stuff you must have for the training?
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Karate School NYC : Questions and answers at Karate City


Karate School NYC :  To take part in a karate lesson, there are a number of things your child will need. These items are for this specific sport, therefore allowing for freedom of movement and safety.


What does my child need for karate class?


The training in karate involves a number of moves and we practice these during training. The uniform, or Gi, allows the wearer to move freely. The design prevents tripping or catching the clothing during movements. For karate class your child will need:


  • Gi jacket

  • Gi pants

  • Training belt

  • Gloves

  • Foot protectors


Why does my child need protective equipment for karate?


In the classes at Karate City, we use foot protectors and gloves. The safety wear we use is the WKF current design. The aim of these items is to allow your child to do the karate moves safely. This subsequently provides a lower risk of injury.


All of our students wear this protective gear during karate practice. Those that are not old enough to spar will also wear them. By always using foot protectors and gloves, safety will become a habit. Practicing moves while wearing them will feel natural. The protective gear helps to reduce the risk of injury to your child during practice. Therefore, making karate a safe sport for everyone. Karate School NYC.