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Karate school NYC : Using the proper form in karate is essential, and it goes all the way to breathing correctly. Breathing is vital to life but being mindful of breathing is more challenging. Sometimes when we are doing strenuous exercises, we tend to hold our breath. Doing this can make movements more complicated, and this is why breathing forms part of the karate training.


Why focus on breathing in karate?


Drawing in breath brings in oxygen and energy that is vital when completing a physical exercise. Exhalation takes out the stale air making way for fresh and energizing breath. Several training methods in karate can leave the student to figure out correct breathing techniques on their own. As we focus on all aspects of the sport, our instructors will help with proper breathing techniques in karate.


Many different breathing options are useful in karate practice. As a student moves through the sport, they may adopt various methods of breathing. Initially, students will learn simple breathing exercises, and as they progress, more challenging techniques become the norm.


Best breathing techniques in karate


As with many sports, each person can find that some methods suit them more than others. People can breathe differently and may feel a particular method is better for them. Some of the most common types of karate breathing include:


  • Abdominal breathing

  • Reverse abdominal breathing

  • Nose panting


A great way to start incorporating the best breathing methods is to bring attention to the breath. Bringing awareness to the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling helps with mindful training. When we become aware of the air coming into and leaving the body, we can breathe more effectively.


Once breath awareness becomes more natural, it is time to move onto a more sophisticated technique. Abdominal breathing is a fundamental principle of filling the lungs from the bottom up. This allows the lungs to fill completely and expands air capacity. It can take time, but it is a great place to start mastering the breath.


Reverse abdominal breathing is a more challenging method. It essentially reverses the flow of breath while strengthening the abdominal muscles. 


Nose panting is a useful method to energize yourself ready for exercise. Rapid and forceful breathing in and out of the nostrils brings in lots of energy and air to the lungs. Initially, we do a small number of repetitions of sharp breath in and out of the nostrils. As the technique becomes more familiar, consequently, we can add more repetitions.


Igor Dyachenko believes that karate is a whole program. When you train in Karate City, you also train your mind, and breathing techniques help with this. Karate school NYC