Karate school Midtown West : Why karate is the safest sport of all?
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Karate school Midtown West :  Safety will also be one of the top concerns of parents because they don’t want to see their child hurt. Would it surprise you to know that karate is the safest sport of all?


Even though karate is a contact sport, it is one of the safest sports out there. Statistics show that karate is the safest sport for children. First of all, we should consider the risks of dangerous sports like skiing and boxing, as well as American football. At the professional level, these sports cause many injuries.


Karate is a sport of control where you can be sure that you and your child will be safe. The aim of karate is not to hurt each other but to protect yourself. This is how Igor Dyachenko and his highly-skilled instructors see the sport.


A young Igor becomes hurt during the sport, by someone who does not respect the rules and ethos of karate. Everyone at Karate City believes and follows Igor’s methodology and mindset. This allows you and your children to learn karate in a safe environment.


How karate lessens the risk of injury


The philosophies and practices of karate keep the chances of injury low. First of all, during sparring or competition, everyone wears protective safety gear. This gear includes a mouthguard, protective gloves, shin and foot protectors, a groin protector, and for women, a chest protector.


Karate City ensures that strains, sprains, and other injuries are less likely through proper training preparation. You or your child will perform a warm-up and stretches to ensure the body is ready for physical training.


If your child is about to begin karate, it will be several years until physical competition is an option. It takes this amount of time to learn skills and develop techniques to a point where students can control them.


All karate lessons take place under the watchful eye of a karate teacher who has many years of experience. Karate school Midtown West