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Karate New York City : Although karate itself is the best sport for children, kids can still benefit from doing other sports. So, what sports are good to mix with karate?


Choosing the right sporting activities for your child


Every child is different, and so the sports that are best for them will differ. The age of your child somewhat dictates what pastime is best to mix in with karate. Igor Dyachenko recommends different sports for different ages. Some of his recommendations include:


  • Age 2-4 – gymnastics
  • Age 4-7 – athletics
  • Seven and older – soccer


Younger children can find team sports or track events challenging. Choosing an activity such as gymnastics is ideal for younger ones. Kids that are 2-4-years of age will enjoy gymnastics because of the fun moves.


“Great dojo for young kids. My four-year-old took classes here twice-weekly with Igor, a wonderful sensei. He teaches the children discipline, patience, and the heart to keep trying until you succeed. If your kids are interested in karate, this is a wonderful place.” – Emily S – Manhatten


Gymnastics is also the best system for gaining flexibility and agility, as well as balance. Because of this, it will help their karate improve too.


When it comes to children that are 4-7-years of age, athletics is a good option. Running track and field is a good example, but each child will find something that is enjoyable and beneficial. Allow your child to try different events, so they find something that engages their interest.


If your children are slightly older, then soccer, once a week, is an excellent choice. Soccer helps kids that are 7-14 years of age improve their conditioning and cardio. As they advance in their karate classes, so do the moves. The more conditioning and cardio of soccer helps their karate as a result.


Tips for finding the right activities for your child


When your child begins karate classes, that may be enough initially, but you can add other sports in too. Finding the right afterschool activities for kids can be a challenge. 


When choosing a sport for your child, you will have to consider:


  • The time that it will take – how many classes a week
  • Type of sport – team or individual
  • Age and body type of your child


One thing that will help you find the right physical activity for your child is to try different things. Take them to watch different sports or try single lessons. After each exercise, discuss what your kid likes and dislikes about each thing. You will begin to notice which things excite them or what makes them more enthusiastic. They may have friends doing a particular activity and so want to do it too.


Time commitments are a big part of the equation. They are already attending kid’s karate, so how much time will the new sport require? Make sure you have enough time for both. You may find that your kid loves to be in groups so that they may be more suited to team sports. If they want more personal challenges, an activity in individual competitions may be best. 


Of course, some sports are more suitable for kids than others. The age and body type of your child should also be a consideration. If they are stocky, football could be useful, but if they are tall, consider basketball.


You know your child and will have some insight but let them have input too. When you make them part of the decision-making process, they are more likely to stick with it. If your kid is the type to start something and become bored quickly, let them choose the next thing.


Why you should mix in other sports with karate


There is a good variety of reasons to mix in another sport with karate. It can help you or your child by changing up your routine with less intense physical exercise. You may also want to focus on improving your speed, flexibility, and strength, as well as improve your cardio. Some activities complement and so help improve karate skills too.


Doing only one activity can become tedious, so switching things up is a great idea. Mixing things up increases engagement, so your kid is less likely to quit. 


“Taking part in different sports between karate lessons uses different muscles. Not only does it give different muscle groups a rest, but it also helps stimulate the brain.” – Igor Dyachenko


Here are a few suggestions for sports that can help you and your kids:


  • Cardiovascular sports – Swimming, cycling, running, rowing, cross-country skiing
  • Power and speed sports – Tennis, circuit training, boxing, dancing, ballet
  • Dexterity and flexibility sports – Yoga, gymnastics


Benefits of combining other sports with karate


Depending on the sporting activity you choose, it will complement karate training for your kids. Applying techniques from other sports and learning new moves helps in many ways. Here are the reasons individual sports will help your child in karate:

Gymnastics – As a full-body workout, gymnastics is excellent for conditioning, so complements karate perfectly. Strength and cardio are all part of the sport. Balance is essential in both karate and gymnastics, so they are a great combination.

Gymnastics helps with focus and awareness of the body. Executing moves flawlessly, and being aware of the position of the whole body is an excellent add-on to karate training.

Soccer – Soccer is an excellent workout on the legs, so it’s excellent for karatekas. Timing, peripheral vision improvements, and tough cardio workouts make this an excellent choice for kids.

The technique is essential in soccer as it is in karate, so your child will be improving these in both. Co-ordination improves with soccer because of the multi-directional movements they use to get the ball on target.

Swimming – A fantastic aerobic exercise, swimming is both challenging and fun, so it’s a top choice for kids. Training builds endurance and increases both upper and lower body strength. Swimming regularly can help increase power in kicks and punches in karate.


Combining sports with kid’s karate classes


Karate will accelerate your child’s development, both physically and mentally. Add a secondary sport to the child’s karate regimen for further benefits. Any additional training will increase fitness, agility, and endurance. All of these benefits will help your child go further in their karate journey. Karate New York City