Karate Instructions : How to have consistency in karate ?
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Karate Instructions : Igor Dyachenko’s knowledge



Karate Instructions : As with anything in life, to succeed consistency is essential. Something particularly applicable to martial arts. Consistent training not only maintains fitness but also progresses skill levels. By having your child attend kid’s karate classes regularly, you are helping them to create a consistent healthy habit.


Why consistency is essential in karate


Karate is a physically demanding sport. Erratic attendance or inconsistent training will only hamper your child’s progress. Regular attendance to karate classes will benefit them in several ways, including:

  • Building fitness levels

  • Create steady growth

  • Achieve a better understanding of techniques

  • Improve mental health

  • Set goals and achieve success


Anyone that does karate will confirm how necessary fitness is. Conditioning and maintaining a level of fitness is vital. Training will build muscles but also improve the cardiovascular system. Karate moves and knowledge improve significantly because of consistent training.


A child that regularly attends karate class will also experience steady progress. For those that dip in and out of a sport, the development is much slower. At Karate City, we use a full program of learning. We include the philosophies of karate and the meaning behind what we do. If a student does not consistently attend class, they will not reap the benefits of the program.


Regular exercise offers many benefits, such as improving mental health. Physical activity reduces stress and will help your child focus. We help each child set their own goals and work towards achieving them. This approach not only helps them in karate but all aspects of their life.


How to help your child stay consistent in karate


Bringing your child to class regularly and actively engaging with them about their progress consequently helps them stay enthusiastic. Lead by example, if your child sees that you are happy to exercise, they will be too for instance. The instructors at Karate City can provide tips on how to encourage your child in their practice. There are home exercises that will aid in conditioning between classes.


Igor Dyachenko has become knowledgeable in the best teaching methods for children’s karate. His philosophies structure the class. We encourage the individual as well as promote the principles of teamwork. The consistency your child receives in class will train not only their bodies but also their minds. Karate Instructions