Karate Classes Manhattan: To graduate with a black belt or not, that is the question?
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Karate Classes Manhattan: Karate City Parent’s Insights


Karate Classes Manhattan : You are probably wondering why some children graduate with a black belt, while others do not. Some children stay the distance, while other children quit. So, why do some children graduate with a black belt and some so not?


Several factors will play a part in whether or not your child will graduate with a black belt. Much of this depends on the goal setting and commitment of the parents. Your child has the potential to achieve high results. However, your child mastering karate can rely on their environment and the people around them.


If a parent, or other people, say to your child don’t worry, you can quit, then the child will stop.


How to motivate your child to graduate with a black belt


If you drive and encourage your child, then they will be excited and happy to be doing karate. Here are a few more ways that you can ensure your child graduates with a black belt in karate:


  • Learn something about karate yourself
  • Praise your child when they achieve a goal
  • Ask your child questions about karate
  • Speak to other parents about motivating their children
  • Reward your child when they reach important milestones
  • Remind your child why they started karate
  • Train with your child
  • Focus on achieving the next level/belt, rather than the longer-term goal of a black belt


Research shows that saying a few phrases to your child before and after practice can be extremely motivational.


Here are a few things to say to your kid before training:



  • I love you
  • Do your best
  • Have fun



Here are a few things to say to your kid after practice:



  • I love you
  • I am proud of you
  • I love to watch you practice



The Karate City program instills habitual behavior in regards to physical activity to maintain the health of the body. As a parent, you can strengthen this message by showing commitment and by motivating your kid. Karate Classes Manhattan.