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Japanese Martial Arts NYC : Your child may initially be very happy to come to kid’s karate classes, but sometimes the enthusiasm can wane. The benefits of karate on children are numerous, but how do you keep their interest and motivation. The lessons themselves help keep your kid wanting to come back; however, you can also help.


Motivating your child 


Whether it’s karate classes, other after-school activities, or studying, motivation is essential. Children and toddlers often find it challenging to focus for more extended periods. The Karate City program does help increase focus and attention span, but you can also help as a parent.


Anything new can be exciting, but, how do you motivate your child or toddler to maintain this enthusiasm. Some key things that can help hold your child’s interest in an activity or sport include:


  • Show interest – after your child has come out of karate lessons, ask them questions about the class. Asking them open questions will encourage them to talk more. Asking questions with a simple yes or no answer won’t be as useful. Try asking them about the challenging parts of the lesson and which moves they find the most fun. 
  • Encourage practice – your child will practice their karate skills during class, but you can encourage this at home. If they are finding a move challenging, ask them about it. You know what your child enjoys. So if they like using a smartphone, use that for practice. Perhaps watch videos of a particular move so they can see how it’s done. Alternatively, you can record them doing specific strikes or movements and watch the video together and look for improvements.
  • Discourage comparison – one of the significant parts of karate is self-improvement. Comparing our progress to others is not helpful and can cause a loss of motivation. Make sure you remind your child to look at themselves. Are they doing something better now than before? Get them thinking this way, and they will want to get better and better.
  • Celebrate success – during class, our instructors help students to identify and strive for goals. If your child masters that move they have been struggling with, celebrate. Seeing how happy and enthusiastic you are about their achievements helps them to want to continue to progress.  


Finding the right solution to motivate your child


You know your own kid best. You will notice the things that make them happy. Watch what they naturally reach for when they play or have fun. You can use this, so they keep their motivation in other activities. If they love certain puzzles or forms of media, use these to encourage practice.

Igor Dyachenko has extensive experience in training and creating classes that motivate children in karate. Our instructors create an environment of learning that is both fun and engaging. Japanese Martial Arts NYC