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Fitness Upper West Side : You can view Karate lessons as a time for your child to be a sponge and absorb knowledge. Of course, your child will practice this knowledge in class. But it is vital to practice on your own as well. So, how do you train on your own in karate?


Your child has several opportunities to train in different ways on their own:


  • Kata – Literally meaning ‘form,’ kata is a choreographed pattern of moves. Your children will practice kata as part of a group in karate class. Your kids can practice kata at home alone and fast track their progress.
  • Kumite – This is training against an opponent. If your child has a partner or friend taking karate, they can come together to train in Kumite. However, your child can train Kumite by visualizing an adversary and express the freedom of the techniques they know.
  • Conditioning – Your kid can improve their fitness through activities such as running, cycling, and swimming.
  • Strength – Your children can improve their power by performing exercises like squats and push-ups.


How to successfully train karate on your own


Here we have some training tips to help your children train effectively alone:


  • Set a goal – Have your child think about how, when, and why. They may want to master a technique or remove a technical error. Their goal may be to pass a grading test or earn a belt.
  • Break it down – Micro-goals/micro-steps encourage success and will keep motivating your kids.
  • Accountability – You can set a timer, decide upon an end time, or aim to perform several repetitions. A training partner can give you feedback, and you can write your goals down if it helps.
  • Reward – You should praise your child and get them to praise themselves. You can also do something nice, once home training is complete.
  • Mix it up – Variety is engaging so schedule in different activities from kata to exercises like running, cycling, and hiking.


Also, don’t forget the basics of training, such as warming-up and stretching. Fitness Upper West Side