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Fitness NYC : Karate is a fascinating martial art because the origins reach back for centuries. Many people want to know what’s the history of karate and where it all began. Kid’s karate classes will connect your child to a sport that is rich in history and culture.


How did karate begin?


Karate has roots going back thousands of years. The martial art uses punches and kicks. Elbow strikes, and knee strikes are also part of the karate practice. Karate is the Japanese phrase for “empty hands” and came into existence as a form of self-defense.


The beginning of karate is a Buddhist monk that brings martial arts to China from India. Visitors from China take on this new knowledge and take it to the island of Okinawa in 1392. Following this introduction, the masters of karate spread the sport across Japan as a result.


Karate is the fighting form te. The karate currently in dojos around the world is 200 years old. The principals of karate teach you to be: firstly a gentleman and secondly a warrior. The reason karate appeals to many people is because of these principals.


Important dates in the history of Karate


1609 – Shimazu clan invade Okinawa and ban owning weapons. Due to this, the popularity of unarmed combat techniques increases. The practice of martial takes place under the cover of darkness because of possible detection.


1901 – Itosu Anko promotes the introduction of karate as a lesson in public schools in Okinawa.


1905 – Okinawa adds karate at an intermediate level to physical education due to the increase in popularity of the martial art.


1924 – Keio University becomes the first university karate club.


The 1930s – Karate appears in Canada.


1945 – The first karate dojo opens in the USA.


Karate today


Karate has become an incredibly popular martial art around the globe. As a master becomes proficient in the sport, they develop their own style. Due to this, karate has become a diverse sport with different styles. The primary forms of karate are:


  • Goju-Ryu
  • Shito-Ryu
  • Wado-Ryu
  • Shotokan

Igor Dyachenko is a master of Shotokan karate. Due to this, he has been creating a kid’s karate program. At Karate City, we use the lessons to teach about all aspects of karate. We give students all of the essential elements to succeed in their karate practice. These tools also become useful in their everyday life too. Fitness NYC