Female Awareness Self Defense : Will karate improve my health?
Female Awareness Self Defense : Will karate improve my health?



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Female Awareness Self Defense : When choosing an activity or sport, you will want something for your child that is beneficial in many ways. Kids karate classes will help with overall fitness but also have other benefits too. Here we explore the various ways that karate practice is beneficial for all ages.


Karate improves fitness levels


Martial arts is an excellent choice if you want something that will help with self-defense. But that’s not all it does. One of the most apparent gains in karate is physical fitness. The classes are highly aerobic so that you will notice improvements in endurance and strength.


The moves in class create a total body workout and therefore engage lots of muscle groups. Classes get the heart going and, as a consequence, the blood pumping. All of this activity increases oxygen intake, improves heart health, and so helps the cardiovascular system.


In kid’s karate classes, the students will see improvements in:


  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Muscle tone
  • Coordination
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Balance


Health benefits of karate


Anyone that regularly practices karate can attest to the great feeling of fitness that comes from training. However, there are many health and mental wellbeing gains from the sport too. These include:


Weight loss

Karate is a full-body workout; the calorie burn of a class is very high because of this. If you are looking for a fun activity to help lose weight, karate is ideal. Movements engage the core and also involve lots of use of the arms and legs. The activity level will amp up the calorie burn factor.


Improves sleep

While you will enjoy a better physique from Karate, you will also notice that your sleep improves. Adding a karate class to part of the weekly schedule can enhance the quality of sleep as a result. More restful and uninterrupted sleep is always a good thing.


Relieve stress

Exercise of any kind helps deal with stress, but karate is particularly useful. Training techniques and methods from the dojo can reduce stress and anxiety. We include breathing and relaxation techniques that have a calming effect on the body and mind.


Igor Dyachenko has extensive experience in the benefits of karate. He creates classes and training tools that make learning fun. Kids karate classes help your child start their karate journey and build habits that will benefit them for life. The fitness gains, as well as the mental and physical benefits, make karate the perfect choice at any age. Female Awareness Self Defense