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Children Martial Arts Midtown West  : Martial arts influence children from all walks of life. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise if your child wants to learn. If your child is asking about karate, then you will want to know why and how popular karate is.


Karate is the most popular form of martial arts. Karate’s popularity soured through its adaptation in Okinawa and Japan. It has spread to almost every corner of the earth. There are an estimated 100 million people practicing karate around the world.


Why karate is popular


Your child will find karate engaging and mesmerizing, and they can begin karate lessons from 2.5-years of age. Karate instructors are a great role model for children who learn by example. Learning the techniques of karate will drive your child’s commitment to karate. However, self-defense skills are only part of what your child will learn.


At Karate City, your kids learn the philosophies of karate, encompassing the body and the mind. Your children will build their self-confidence and learn to set goals, as well as improve their behavior and respect.


Your child will be learning life skills such as problem-solving, hard work and reward, and how to overcome failures. Children who learn karate also excel in school.


World Karate Federation and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics


The World Karate Federation (WKF) began in 1990 and is the most recognizable governing body if karate. Holding senior and junior karate world championships, it has ten million members living in 191 countries. It is the only karate organization that the International Olympic Committee recognizes.


Your children will learn to embrace competition once they build their core skills and develop adequate control. Your kid might fall in love with Kata, no-contact, and technique-based form of competition. Alternatively, they might find Kumite an enthralling way to test their freestyle fighting skills.


The popularity of karate is so great that it will be a significant feature of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.


Igor Dyachenko is a master of Olympic karate. If you want your child to learn from the best, Karate City is the place to learn his revolutionary methodology. Children Martial Arts Midtown West