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Best Martial Arts NYC : Tantrums can be a common thing, especially in young children and toddlers. There are several reasons for a child having a tantrum or acting out. It may seem like it is something you just have to deal with, but some things can help.


Why is your child having tantrums?


As your child develops, they will have to deal with a lot of information. A tantrum can often be an expression of their feelings. Younger children, especially toddlers, can often use tantrums as a way of processing emotions. They may not have the tools or language to talk about what they feel. The feeling can come out in an explosive way, such as screaming, crying, or kicking out.


A tantrum can also be a way of testing boundaries. Your child may be trying out their independence. Your child can be trying out behaviors to see what happens or how others react. So, in short, tantrums are your child’s way of trying to understand changes or manage emotions.


Triggers for tantrums can be anything from being in a situation they can’t control or feel tired. Being able to self-regulate and manage reactions is something that develops with time.


Dealing with tantrums


Tantrums can happen, but there are things you can do to make it less likely. Some things that help reduce tantrums include reducing stress. An active child is less likely to act out. Exercise or physical activities help to keep your kid stimulated by positively using their energy. Regular activities, such as participating in sports, helps with emotional health, including handling stress.


You may be doing everything you can, but your child might still have a tantrum. Some ideas for dealing with a tantrum include:


  • Acknowledge feelings – if you can identify what is causing the upset, you can acknowledge it. Identifying the trigger and accepting it so your child can deal with it.
  • Be consistent – keeping consequences and your reaction to a tantrum consistent will help greatly. Sometimes giving in so you give your child what they are acting out for can have a negative effect.
  • Be calm – you might find it difficult but remain calm while your child is in a tantrum. If you need to step away a second, do it and come back. Keep your voice calm so that the situation does not get worse.
  • Wait – sometimes, your child just needs to get everything out. Once they are in a tantrum, you will have to wait until they are calmer. Let them know you are there but don’t try to reason with them until they are more relaxed.


The daily situations your child experiences can be a lot to handle. They will sometimes find things overwhelming and may go into a tantrum. Adding activities to channel this energy is a great way to reduce tantrums.

Igor Dyachenko knows what it takes to help children put their excess energy into the right things. The kid’s karate program at Karate City promotes the principals of karate. We encourage focus and balance while making learning fun. Your kid will be able to find the right outlet for their energy but also experience mental health gains too. Best Martial Arts NYC