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After School Program Upper West Side :  Karate training will provide guidance on how to do the moves and avoid injury. However, there are some things your child can do every day to help with fitness and flexibility. These daily exercises are essential to maintain fitness. Regular conditioning will help the cardiovascular system and increase flexibility in the joints. Adding these techniques into a daily routine will make your child ready for the next karate class.


Top 5 exercises


Making any movement part of your daily routine is a great habit to adopt with your child. Starting the training as early as possible will make them more likely to continue as they grow older. There are various moves that you and your child can do each day. These will work on the main muscle groups and consequently, increase mobility in joints. The top 5 techniques to do each day:


  • Push-ups

  • Sit-ups

  • Leg raises

  • Squats

  • Superman – lie on the stomach and raise the arms and legs


When doing squats, the Olympic style is the form we use at Karate City. This squat has the full range of motion going all the way down. We adopt this style because it is better for the knees in comparison to the traditional 90-degree form. We also do sit-ups with a full range of motion, so this is not simply a crunch. You will take the body all the way up from the floor into a sitting up position. Using this full movement engages more muscles and increases blood flow.


For anyone wanting to add an extra move, pull-ups are an excellent choice. If you have a pull-up bar, then adding these moves to the routine will increase effectiveness. Overall, these moves, when put together each day, will improve fitness levels.


Why is it essential to do daily exercise?


Regular movement of the body aids in blood flow. It will help with fitness and, as a consequence, general health. Daily movement techniques and exercise will keep muscles supple. Following Igor’s methods of a daily warmup, workout, and stretching will help keep you feeling young.


If you follow these exercises, you can enjoy a long life and live to the age of 80. A person that regularly does the exercises while also adopting Igor’s diet regimen may expect to live to 100. Advice on proper form for workouts as well as nutrition advice is all part of the Karate City program. After School Program Upper West Side