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After School Program UES : Olympic karate mesmerizes adults and children across the world. Olympic karate is not only incredibly popular, but it also helps children develop and grow into healthy and productive adults.


The World Karate Federation sometimes referred to as WKF, is the governing body of the sport, across the globe. Since 1990, the World Karate Federation is the only organization that the International Olympic Committee recognizes.


The International Olympic Committee is responsible for karate’s debut in the 2020 Olympics. During the Tokyo Olympics, two disciplines of karate will feature:


  • Kumite – This is the discipline of sparring. There are three weight classes for women and men.
  • Kata – This is a solo discipline with a focus on form and movement. At the 2020 Olympics, there is one event for women and one event for men.

Karate rules


Karate is a visually exciting sport that will capture the emotions and imagination of your child. In Kumite, the aim is to score points for successfully performing kicks, throws, and punches. So, the competitor with the most points at the end of the match is the winner. Finally, if a competitor reaches a lead of eight points, then the match concludes at this point.


If your child competes, they will earn one, two, or three points. The number of points differs for where strikes hit the opponents, as well as for:


  • Good timing

  • Awareness

  • Good form

  • Accurate distance

  • Vigorous application

  • Sporting mindset/attitude


There are many benefits and things that Olympic karate will help your children learn. So, the sport is highly tactical and skilled. Your child will develop speed, dexterity, and experience, as well as improve their physical and emotional wellbeing.


Olympic karate is safe, exciting, and has many healing properties. It is karate’s many beneficial properties that encourage its practice in countries around the world. Officially, people in 194 countries practice karate. Also, the register of karate athletes in the world exceeds ten million people. The sport attracts more than 100 million supporters. After School Program UES