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After school program Midtown West : Karate has a long and rich history but not when it comes to the Olympics. The various organizations in karate have been campaigning for the inclusion of the sport in the prestigious event. With such tireless efforts, karate was not a current event in the Olympic arena, but that is about to change.


Karate at the Olympics


The rise of karate around the world led to a quest to include it in the Olympics. Those efforts had seen little success; however, now the competition will finally be a part of the games in 2020.


Instructors, masters, and supporters of the sport have been working since the 1970s to have a karate Olympic representation. The efforts have finally paid off as the organizing committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics proposed the inclusion of karate. The International Olympic Committee has approved for karate to become part of the event roster.


Tokyo 2020 karate events


The 2020 Summer Olympics will include eight karate events. This is the first appearance of the martial arts at an Olympic level. Two elements of karate will be part of the games, Kumite and Kata.


In Kumite events, there will be three weight classes for both men and women. The kumite is the sparring form of karate, and competitors will have to win eight points to win the match. When facing each other, the athletes will have to show that they can make contact with energy and precision. Depending on the form and where the connection lands, blows will result in one, two, or three points.


Kata events will feature a series of movements that demonstrate the proper forms of karate. These moves will have to follow the World Karate Federation’s approved form. Competitors will win points when they can demonstrate the steps with strength, focus, and balance of power. Judges will also be looking for karateka to show the proper technique expression. The meaning of each move will have to be evident as well as done with proper speed and rhythm.


All events will occur in the Nippon Budokan; this is a venue from the 1964 Tokyo Games. The place also holds a lot of significance for the sport as Japan holds the origins of karate. After school program Midtown West