After School Program Midtown East : How karate can help at school
After School Program Midtown East



After School Program Midtown East : Karate City Parent’s Insights


After School Program Midtown East :  Karate is a fantastic sport for your children to enroll in. One intriguing thing you may be pondering is how karate can help at school and in future life.


Challenges are part of everyone’s life, and overcoming these is an essential skill for any child to learn. The Karate City system teaches your child how to overcome small challenges, moving towards a goal in small increments.


Our karate system promotes small steps, as often, the end goal or challenge can seem unattainable. Thinking of a big challenge can be daunting and extremely stressful. So, learning to break down a big problem into small steps is a crucial skill. This mode of thinking will help your child in school and eventually at work.


  • A karate training example

    – Your child’s first karate belt will not be the black belt. Rather, they will work their way along the Karate City roadmap, achieving progressively higher belts.


  • A future life example

    – Your child’s first job will not likely be in management. They will start in a junior position and work their way up the company ladder.


Our karate system encourages your kids to learn about themselves. First of all, it helps your children learn about their environment, success, and failures. Your kids learn how to deal with them, learn from their mistakes, as well as to overcome setbacks and challenges.


Karate helps reset the mind


As your child progresses, we introduce meditation before and after training. This helps higher students connect to the spiritual level, as well as the physical level. Above all, this is a tool your child can use and apply to other aspects of their life.


Karate teaches many skills that are useful in real life and in the future. These skills include problem-solving, goal setting, self-discipline, and respect. After School Program Midtown East