After School Program Manhattan: How important is discipline and structure for children?



After School Program Manhattan: Karate City Parent’s Insights


After School Program Manhattan : Learning is a part of growing up, but without guidance, your children can’t achieve their best. Rules, structure, and discipline all play a role in your child’s development. So, how important is discipline and structure for children?


Discipline is all about your child working to a structure and a set of rules. Your child’s discipline in following the training consistently and this is their route to success. With consistency, your child is building neurological connections. Every time your child repeats the action your child is learning a mental or physical skill.


At Karate City, our teaching method breaks down the skills and techniques into smaller pieces. This helps your kid learn step-by-step; after all, it’s impossible to learn ten instructions at once. Instead, your child is learning small parts, adding one brick at a time, building a complete skill or technique.


How karate discipline and structure benefits your child outside of the dojo


Without consistency, your children will never be able to obtain the physical and mental skills they need. At karate lessons, your child is learning about respecting authority. They are obeying rules, as well as learning how to cope with disappointments.


Routine and order teach your child that practicing leads to success and overcoming limitations and challenges. Your children will learn how to set goals and set more significant problems. This is turn, helps your kids learn about self-control and self-discipline, as well as the importance of focus.


This applies to both inside the dojo and outside in all other aspects of life. Here your child will use these skills in places such as their school, at home, and in different sports activities. Simply, your child will be figuring out how the world works, along with how to face change as they grow.


Karate City helps your child put everything together and apply it to other aspects of life. After School Program Manhattan