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After School Activities NYC  :  Preparing your child for their first karate competition can seem like a daunting task. However, a simple checklist is all that you need. Here we take a look at what you and your child should bring to a competition.


The World Karate Federation (WKF) governs competitions. So, the WKF lays out what you should bring to a competition. Your kid will most likely already own these items and pieces of equipment.


First of all, your child will need their karate credentials and their competition pass. There are five safety items that your child will need to bring. These are vital because they help prevent the likelihood of an injury. These items are a mouthguard, groin protector, chest protector, gloves, and foot and shin protector.


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During a karate competition, competitors wear WKF-approved red or blue equipment, for identification. This means that you need to bring a blue and red set of gloves with you. You will also need to bring a blue and red set of foot and shin protectors. In addition to this, your child will need a plain red and a plain blue belt.


Furthermore, your child will need a white uniform, known as a Karategi, to the correct dimensions. This must not have stripes, piping, or personal embroidery. If you are a high-level competitor, you need to pack an extra uniform because it may get torn.


Items to take to a karate competition


Here is your checklist of things to bring to a karate competition:


  • Credentials and competition pass

  • Mouthguard (gum shield)

  • Groin protector

  • Chest protector

  • White uniform

  • Two belts

  • Two sets of gloves

  • Two sets of foot and shin protectors

  • An extra uniform (high-level competitors)


If you have any questions about what to bring to a karate competition, we are here to help. So, you can speak to an instructor or coach at your next lesson. After School Activities NYC